Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thinking of last Summer Vacation

Here we go again.
Summer gets under way ,Its already there for some:)

I know that summer has arrived when there are butterflies in the garden and sweet tea in the fridge.

Nostalgia aint what they used to be :)

Thoughts of Summer take me back to my summer vacations in school.

I really can't believe[time flew by so fast]it seems only yesterday.

Now my memories are just there at the last much awaited last summer vacation.
Once a year, we go to Kerala to enjoy long swims, great reads, long walks, fabulous food and good laughs with friends and family. Basically, it is a time to rejuvenate and recharge.
Last summer in Kerala ,we had been to Estuary,a unique paradise of breathtaking beauty,South of Kerala,Trivandrum.

Estuary is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land, is situated adjacent to the Poovar Island; a rare find in Kerala, the southern state of India. Enveloped by the most serene backwaters and opening out to the Sea and a dream golden beach, Estuary Island Resort will carry away you to a new world.At Estuary Island Resort, the experience is at its most perfect - the pristine natural beauty of an 'estuary'. One of life's very special experiences....Let me take you to the tour of the Estuary Island.

Way to the Estuary island,at a distance you can see the sea.During high tide and monsoon the sea and lake becomes one.Water enters the island.Its closed on those days.
Children playing in the beach just across the island.This side is the sea and the boat is in the lake.It takes hardly five minutes from the resort to the beach.
Panoramic view of the resort,A balinese style resortSea facing rooms
Well maintained greenery and plantsSwimming pool
Souvinier shop,the prices are too much here,look at the traditional style of Kerala architecture
Way to the reception area,balinese style benches
Lake and sea view rooms,take a stroll in the coconut groves
Garden view rooms,Garden facing villa
Garden view rooms

Conference rooms Interiors of a room
Extensive timber decking

Dinner at night overlooking the sea and lake at the timber deck.Panoramic view of the timber deck
At night its simply beautiful,its simply magical.
Close your eyes,aren't you all in paradise.....
Wait for much more excited vacations in the next episodes.
Pictures are subject to copyright,
Please dont use them without prior permission
Some of the images(panorama view):courtesy,Estuary island,others by Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Wow, a vacation to remember definitely! Really like the shot of the chairs at sunset.

  2. I now realize the difference in summer holidays when you no longer get the liberty to enjoy it...I think summer holidays is best enjoyed when you are in school or when you have kids who have summer holiday....thanks to
    the routine work which leaves very little quality time for enjoyment....I remember doing all the homework on the first two days of the holiday and then enjoying the balance days in fun and frolic...Gosh...am filled with nostalgia...

  3. Thanks Sophie,I am glad for your lovely comments.

  4. Great post Lakshmi, I love these colonial-type structures, and I would be the happiest woman in the whole world if I could live the rest of my life in one of them:)

    I must go the Estuary resort sometime! sigh ;)


  5. How lovely... what lovely pictures.. You must have had such a ball!!

    Oh.. reading Sophie's comment I want to go back to school and have a two month summer vacation.. How lovely... oh no... I'm all nostalgic now...

  6. Thanks Sharon and Patricia for your lovely comments.We had a lovely time spend there.As we are in our home town its not possible to be away from family when we go there for vacation.But we managed ,due to our love to be in estuary.You feel else where when you are there.It was a lovely day.Great food,great people,great ambience.To be remembered for ever.They take you by boat to the resort.We pledged when we left that we will come each year.Lets see..

  7. Lovely post laksmi, makes want to pack my bags and be there NOW! :)

  8. Thanks Rekha for your lovely comments.I am glad that you liked the post.Will wait for all your comments in future.

  9. Wow, this looks incredible. It makes me long to travel all over the world. It's amazing to me that places like this are real and that people live there! So so beautiful. ;)

  10. Beautiful place & post & I love the fact that u post tons of pics :)

  11. Thanks jess and Vineeta,I am glad you both loved the images and blog.Thanks for visiting them.This place is a wonder.
    Jess,please do visit Kerala,Gods Own Country!


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