Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March-Spring's here to stay!

In March-Say hello to Spring!I hope spring stays for ever.The Language of Spring-Flowers.Spring makes the world a happy place

At home with these flowers:)Can you smell them as you see them?An all time sweet scent at home right now.


  1. How lovely! I love what you said..."spring makes the world a happy place". Yes, there is an anticipation to get started again, to enjoy every moment. Lovely thoughts and photos.

  2. thanks shalini ,U made my day by saying lovely,lovely over and over,again and again.I usually go to the CP flower market ,you get flowers cheap and good.Now the market is flooding with flowers.Its tough to make choices there.I bought a whole lot last week.when you go there you realize how flowers make it a beautiful place.

  3. Beautiful lakshmi, Flowers can really make ur day and I love having a bunch on my table too.

  4. Thanks TheKeyBunch.Welcome to my blog.Thanks for your lovely comments


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